5 Hashtag Tips & Tricks to Optimize Your Content

I get asked a lot about hashtags, so I thought I would share some my favorite tips & tools that have proven success & results. Specially if you just starting your Insta channel or you might have noticed you not getting much traction anymore and plateaued. 1- Create Hashtags List Do you always use the same hashtags for every posts you make? Then you not experimenting with your target audience. There are new hashtags trending all the time, so maybe your fans were really into - #FitnessInspiration last week but they might have moved on to #Fitspo. And even if they haven't moved on, by experimenting with a variety of Hashtags around a topic will give you a good understating of how much traction you are getting around certain types of hashtags & engagement. Tip: A super easy way is to create lists, use the Notes App on your phone for example and create a variety of lists all under a variety of topics/theme. For each of list you create give them a title/number so for when you tracking you can keep tabs, ex: list A,B,C etc.. Then - TRACK - start tracking how many users actually followed you / commented when you used lists A. Once you start using this method it will become fairly simple. And when you have that moment of " Oh uaua I'm getting so many hearts on this pic versus my previous one !" You will be able to know that Hashtags lists 'A' probably helped you get that extra reach. 2- How can I find the most relevant or popular hashtags? There are a great bunch of smart little apps that will help you figure this one out. These are my two favorites: - Hastap is one of my personal favorites for Instagram! (mobile only) this app lets you key in a hashtag and will show you what are the other hashtags that have the closes affinity& volume of conversation as per their bubble size. This is super useful as you can see what other related topics revolved around that - - RiteTag is really awesome, specially for Twitter. If you want to see the most popular hashtags using 'Fashion' for example, it will show all of that plus some analytics. - Instagram itself - It's funny but true, a lot of people don't realize the power of Instagram's search section. If you type in a topic it will show right below all other relevant hashtag’s based on high volume. - Example below- 3- Formatting. Yes, make it look pretty! Yes it’s all about visual appeal and making your captions live and breath nicely in a professional manner. Tip: Don't #write#all#your#posts#like#this! No we don't need to hashtag every word that is not the purpose. Don't also bundle up your caption copy right after with your hashtags that just looks like you are in a rush and don't really care about your community. Hashtags in Instagram do work with line breaks, so go ahead, separate your hashtags all neatly. The trick is to write it first on the FB status update window and copy/past it to Insta or it also works on the Notes app once you insert a page break and past it to Insta it will stay. Formatting on insta is actually not that easy! Some good example posts below on how to make your Insta captions + your hashtas live & breath super nicely.

4- Hashtags on Visuals For a better more and effective response and trigger strong CTA's engagement . To drive a topic/event/kick start a convo you might sometimes want to have that hashtag on your visuals. - Example below- 5- Creating your own hashtag For a specific event / occasion/ topic conversation kick starter/ content theme/ you will want to create your own hashtag that is relevant in context with your theme/brand. You can add the layers of your hashtags list after but you would have had created your own for that specific event.

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